In a nutshell… unfinished business. In all the years we’ve known each other we’ve only written 3 pure, Godley - Gouldman songs. That, and a desire to find out if the music muscle still worked with someone I enjoyed and didn’t have to spend weeks getting to know. I love directing music video but ideas get filtered through an army of producers, art directors, casting, camera dept, wardrobe, editors, special effects, blah blah blah etc etc, before they exist, so spontaneous it’s not. It was exhilarating to hear a haunting, Mr. G chord sequence, wrap some words around it and feel something actually come to life, in real time, again. These tracks are pretty lean by our previous standards. They’re more heartfelt, focussed, less layered and lyrically they’re tougher. A final thought… All hail the democracy of the Internet. You don’t have to be young, safe and predictable to find an audience anymore… and we’re definitely none of those.


Whether it was a message of ‘well done’ when one of us did something of note, or the odd Christmas card or phone call, Kevin and I have always stayed in touch even though we haven’t actually worked together for many years, so I was delighted when he called to suggest we write some songs. When I asked “Why?” He said, “No reason… just to do it and see what happens.” A good enough reason for me. What followed was a series of writing and recording sessions where the remit was - No Remit. Something like the early days when we wrote and recorded for ourselves with one ear half cocked for something that broke the mould. I always figured Mr. G had the best voice in the band, ironic then that he never sang lead on a 10cc single… Even I managed that. Now justice has been done. Kevin’s voice and razor sharp lyrics take us to places we haven’t visited before… Always a good place to start.