Written, recorded, mixed and mastered between Jan 2004 and Oct 2007.

6 tracks in 3 years… not a very impressive work rate is it? In reality it was probably about 4 – 6 weeks of actual, full – on time shoehorned into our day jobs but there was no sense of urgency, nothing to lose, so we let it come at its own pace. Initially neither of us wanted to admit, openly to the other, that this stuff could somehow get out there under our own names. No, we were writing for other people, for TV, for film sound - tracks. We’d demo’ the songs simply and quickly and try to place them. Bullshit! We were picking up where we left off. As each song came to life it became harder to stay detached from music that, subconsciously, didn’t want to sound like anything but GG/06.

GG/06 have more tracks in various stages of completion.

Working titles: Stars Are Bullet Holes In The Sky / All Cried Out / The Echoing / ‘Til The Bitter End / I Can’t Let You Decide / The Ghosts Of The Living / Out Of The Mouths Of Babes / Just Like Me / The Bad & The Beautiful..