1. The Same Road: A burned – out, homesick, American executive, snarled up in traffic on the Westway, fantasizes about finding a soul mate in a pressurised, loveless world.
1. The Same Road MP3  £0.90
1. The Same Road FLAC  £0.99
2. Johnny Hurts: In a dark hotel room, late at night, a man tries to comfort his best friend’s new wife as a disastrous wedding party winds down in the bar.
2. Johnny Hurts MP3  £0.90
2. Johnny Hurts FLAC  £0.99
3. beautifulloser.com: A rich man recalls, with regret, his lost youth and his part in an extraordinary woman’s downfall.
3. beautifulloser.com MP3  £0.90
3. beautifulloser.com FLAC  £0.99
4. Hooligan Crane: Years after the event a victim of school bullying meets his vicious tormentor. Old wounds re-open. For the victim nothing’s changed. For the bully everything has.
4. Hooligan Crane MP3  £0.90
4. Hooligan Crane FLAC  £0.99
5. Son of Man: Hotlegs morph, noisily, into 10cc via self-medicating, mutant primate and northern work ethic.
5. Son of Man MP3  £0.90
5. Son of Man FLAC  £0.99
6. Barry's Shoes: Manchester 1963. Like every kid on my street, I’m trapped in the synagogue, slowly turning into my Father, waiting for a sign that says there’s more to life than the family business. Enter Barry wearing the Devil’s shoes…
6. Barrys Shoes MP3  £0.90
6. Barrys Shoes FLAC  £0.99
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