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Q: OK, one suggestion.  Make the music samples longer.  Let 'em hear the whole song even.  It's more conducive to purchase.  No one's gonna have your site up all day to listen to two or even four songs.  If they're gonna buy 'em, they're gonna buy 'em.
A: Fair point. Still thinking about that. Still considering a minute instead of 30secs to give a more rounded sense of each song.
Q: I had a question regarding sampling rates of the mp3s that are offered. Is there any possibility that the 4 songs already posted and the ones to come will be made available in a "lossless" format  or at a higher sampling rate. Among our 10cc discussion  list some have commented that they feel that 128 kbps is too compressed and some of the fidelity is lost.

Jose Gomez
A: We've had a few enquiries about this. In an ideal world we'd offer both 'basic' and 'top end' downloads but, as yet, demand for 'top end' isn't big enough to justify the move. Apologies to all you audiophiles. That's not to say it won't happen. It just won't happen yet. If and when it does we'll announce it with a fanfare on the NEWS page.
Q: I have a question for Kevin, I was just wondering do you still play the drums.If not why? because i think you were a good and probably still area good drummer.

Alex Thomas
A: In my head I do. I'm flattered you think I was good. I certainly loved playing. Unfortunately the 2 studios we recorded the new songs in are fundamentally Pro Tools type environments. No room for drum kits.  Drums aren't the easiest instrument to play at home but I recently acquired a set of Arbiter Flats (portable, single skin drums) that I intend to set up in a shed and beat shit out of to my heart's content.