Kevin & Graham WILL get together to record more tracks in 2011.

 There are at least 6 songs at various stages of development

that will get finished and recorded a.s.a.p.

That's a promise!


Check out

Kevin's revolutionary website that allows you to play along with your favourite bands in sound and picture.

Currently beta testing the site with 'TEMPOMANIC' by Irish band Bipolar Empire, KG is looking for performance video clips

from people singing or playing any instrument to add to the audio visual musical stew.

Clips don't have to be musically accomplished they just have to be fun so...




A shopping basket replaces the one by one purchase system, allowing you to download any number of tracks in one smooth process.

Tracks are now available in straight MP3 format or in FLAC
 lossless format.

Third: Preview samples last one minute instead of 30 secs.

Fourth: Basic MP3 downloads are now priced at 90p.

The video page (in the is now showing KG and GG performing 10cc classic 'Old Wild Men' and '' at The Shepherds Bush Empire.

Below are some of the amazing emails that have arrived since we launched.

Any questions embedded in emails will be answered separately on the

q / a page.


To Kevin and Graham.
Sincerest thanks for sharing more music with us. It is very hard to adequately describe the impact that the two of you have had on this 50 year-old transport executive and amateur musician. It started forty years ago when I heard "Look Through Any Window" on a car radio in Rochester, NY.  My youthful Beatlemania expanded into Hollies completeism and fascination with all things harmony and twelve-string.  Several years later, I put together the "Gouldman"name on those worn Imperial, M-G-M and Epic record  labels with the blue-tinted face gazing off the back of the first 10cc LP. Sound unheard I had to take it home.  And that's where you came into the picture,Kev, in the middle-eights of "The Dean and I" and "Sand in my face", and the glorious lead in "Fresh Air". I have followed your careers from afar ever since, having become a 10cc completist and collector of other solo and collaborative projects. The samples on the Web demonstrate that the two of you still have incredible creative gifts.  In fact, each offering you have given in over the past two decades, however rare or far afield from the spotlight of pop stardom, has demonstrated artistry and craftsmanship of the highest order. It is my hope for you that there are thousands of other admirers who are offering you congratulations today, delighting in your Web presence,and, most importantly, buying the songs. I have to believe there are more of us out there. Your music has inspired and accompanied me through the ups and downs of most of my life.  Even if this collaboration of yours  is only a one-off project and not "the start of a brand new day", I am delighted to benefit from its fruits and have the opportunity to thank you personally via the internet.

With gratitude

                David Dieck



First please extend my best wishes and thanks to Kevin and Graham for this accomplishment. It is, in a word, awesome that this has come to pass after 30 years of not hearing them collaborate. I am also  glad to see the website up and running. Please pass my congrats to who ever conceived it. It looks very good. I am also writing because  I had a question regarding sampling rates of the mp3s that are offered. Is there any possibility that the 4 songs already posted and the ones to come will be made available in a "lossless" format  or at a higher sampling rate. Among our 10cc discussion  list some have commented that they feel that 128 kbps is too compressed and some of the fidelity is lost. Any comment or answers would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance

Jose Gomez

Hi Kevin & Graham,

As a "10cc" fan since 1973, it comes as a wonderful surprise that you have both hooked up to give us something new to enjoy... Thanks and welcome back, you've been GREATLY missed! Note to Kevin: I've enjoyed the excellent video work and most interesting CD's that you've released through the years with Lol!  I still think that the harmonica solo on the song "Desperate Times" from the "Goodbye Blue Sky" CD, is one of the best examples of showing off a sound system...truly awe-inspiring! I'd also like to say that I've always felt that you have one of the greatest voices EVER and it is a huge pleasure to finally hear you again on lead! Note to Graham:  Thank you for continuing the "10cc" story, after Kevin & Lol left!  While there naturally was always something missing with Kevin & Lol gone, you and Eric did the band justice, with your continuing great work!  As a huge fan of your friend Andrew Gold, I have had the pleasure of staying in touch with your solo career. The "And Another Thing" CD is one of my favorites...GREAT work!!! One final thing...Do you know if there will ever be CD reissue of the "Animalympics" Soundtrack?  I just love that old album, but the grooves are nearly worn off. LOL Actually, the vinyl is still in fairly great condition, considering how many times it has been played! Here is hope that you can both continue making great music together! Thanks for all of the great hours of pleasure that you've given to this fan.

Don't hang up,
Don't hang up,
Don't say............

Best to you both,
Chris Casale  (Ohio in the U.S.)
I love this website:  it's beautiful and unusual.  Listening now...
OK, one suggestion.  Make the music samples longer.  Let 'em hear the whole song even.  It's more conducive to purchase. No one's gonna have your site up all day to listen to two or even four songs. If they're gonna buy 'em, they're gonna buy 'em. I LOVE the link to John Jacob Niles, whom I grew up listening to (among others, of course).  OK, that's it for now.  Gotta get back to work.

Dear Graham and Kevin
Thank u for including me, and Canada, in your e mail list re GG 06. I loved ‘em all. The voice made me shiver, and the pulp fiction lyrics were my favouritre style. Favourite is Beautiful. A flash home to OH Effendi, Somewhere in Hollywood, and the best CD ever produced in the 70’s.
So nice to see you 2 as 1
Barry Greenfield 
Dear Kevin & Graham,
Just found the website after googling '10cc' following the 1974 in concert on BBC 4. I had forgotten what a great album 'Sheet Music' was. A few days later I'm listening to your new songs. I became an admirer of you both as a teenager back in '73 after hearing Rubber Bullets and The Dean & I on the radio. Subsequently I went searching out more of your music outside of 10cc both backwards to Hotlegs/The Graham Gouldman Thing and then to your later solo/duo works (yes, I bought Consequences!). I just wanted to say what a joy it is to hear Kevin sing again which is something I didn't think I would hear again. The 4 new songs are really excellent both musically and lyrically - more please!
It's great to have you both back.
All the very best
Andy Thistlewood
Dear Kev and Graham,

I had the pleasure of meeting you both a few years back when I was 
interviewing you for my 10cc biography "The Worst Band In The World". At the time I remember hearing with excitement that you had written something new together but when nothing ever came of it I thought that was that. So it was such a pleasant surprise to hear that not only had you written some more songs together but that you had gone to the trouble of recording them and releasing them for download. As I man who has spent most of his adult life praying for a reunion of the original 10cc line-up (yes I know this makes me a sad bastard and I need to get out more), this was great news. But sometimes you have to be careful for what you wish for. Just because two of your favourite musicians are working together again doesn't mean the results are going to be stellar. So the even better news was discovering that the songs were great, the arrangements were superb and the spark was still there. I particularly love "Hooligan Crane", a brilliant example of Godley pushing the envelope (taking the song to places Graham wouldn't normally go) and Gouldman sweetening the pill (taking the song to places Kev wouldn't normally go). Kev's inventive mind and Graham melodic genius - great individually but even better together. And particularly impressive given 30 years in cold storage (they make 'em strong those ties!). Credit is also due to Mike Stevens and Jess Bailey for their input into the arrangements, which for me sound fresh and contemporary and dress the songs in the perfect clothes (I've seen Jess play keyboards a few times with one of my other favourite bands, Prefab Sprout, so you're in good company). Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the new songs and here's to many more! One fine day 10cc (and each of you) will get the credit that your music so richly deserves. I'm not sure if 10cc's lack of recognition (beyond a small devoted following) bothers you but it bugs the hell out of me, which is why I decided to write the book in the first place (yes, I know it's time to get a life!). You both continuing to write and record such great new work can only help spark off a much warranted critical reappraisal. Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

Liam Newton
From a 15 year old fan in 1973 and now record label boss, thank you so much for the new music. When I heard of this new collaboration the music industry cynic in me told me to be..well.. cautious?? ...well I shouldn't have worried great vocals, sharp intelligent lyrics and great melodies - a feature that hooked me to you guys in the first place. Very, very good and I can't wait to hear more! I still enjoy your work so much and the likes of 10cc, Sheet Music, the OST and How Dare You are very rarely off my mp3 player.Those albums should be taught in every music class to show how it should be done, albums which whenever I get dissolutioned by music, I play songs from those albums and my faith returns and it's criminal to think that they don't nessacarily get the recoginition they deserve although saying that,  It's nice to think that one is part of this wonderful secret:) Thanks again, not only for the new material, but for keeping me in musical heaven for the last 30 odd years! Oh, and if ever you feel like releasing your music through traditional methods, then I would be more than happy
(in fact ecstatic!!) to help.
Gerry Kelly
UK Director
Escapi Music
110 Gloucester Avenue
Primrose Hill
London NW1 8HX
Tel: 020 7168 5072
Fax:020 7483 4541 <>
To all four members of 10cc i can't believe how talented you guys are. From when you started out right up to what you are doing now. I mean how many members in a band can sing,write,produce and play numerous instruments i can't think of another group. you've written great witty pop songs and inspired me so much that i want to become a multi-instrumentalist. I have got all the godley&creme albums except goodbye blue sky which i can't get and there's some songs on there i love like sweet memory which is a great song.On a personal note you have given me a vision a direction and i now know what i want to do with my life.

all the best

Alex Thomas